mmWave Ray-Tracing Simulation with Diffuse Scattering in an Office Environment

Remcom’s Wireless InSite propagation analysis and ray tracing tool is able to consider the effects of diffuse scattering off of structures.  Remcom has implemented the Degli-Esposti model with extended phase terms.  The tool allows for the Lambertian, Directive and Directive with Backscatter diffuse scattering models.  The roughness of the structure facet is taken into account in the scattering factor of each of the types of scattering methods.

Traditionally, 3D EM ray tracing algorithms trace from the transmitter to the receiver and interact with the environment.  Remcom’s implementation traces rays from the diffuse scatter enabled surface to both the transmitter and the receiver.  This diffuse scattering can occur at any point the interaction chain.  Along with this, scattered power and diffuse power are individually presented to calculate the total power of the paths.

In this presentation, an example showcasing this novel technique is applied to an office environment at 73 GHz and is compared against measurements.  The effect of diffuse scattering can clearly be seen on the cross polarized components.

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