The Remcom Difference

Customer Focused

Remcom is devoted to listening to our customers and understanding their needs, building requested features directly into the software with each new release. And since we've been providing EM expertise and solutions since electromagnetic field simulation software became a reality, you can be confident that many years of experience have gone into the design and functionality of the products we create and the way we support them.

Personal Attention

Our reputation for providing excellent and accessible technical support is a result of the talent we recruit and our willingness to put our best people in touch with customers in need. When you call Remcom for support or even just for advice, you speak directly with our most respected engineers

An Enjoyable Business Collaboration — it’s just as important as the software you choose.

Remcom’s focus on the customer, EM expertise, and agile corporate culture give us an edge over larger corporations and make doing business with us hassle-free and enjoyable.

Our Customers

Remcom has a long history of providing custom engineered solutions for customers that need specific functionality from our software. We devote much time to understand our customers’ needs, building requested features directly into the software with each new release.


Our Partners

Remcom collaborates with a variety of software and hardware vendors that help us to make better products.

Latest Press

Careers at Remcom

Remcom has a very thorough hiring process, seeking the most exceptional talent to join our team.  Hard work and creativity are at the core of our corporate culture, as well as a relaxed and flexible work environment.  Our benefits package is one of the most competitive in the area, with excellent health, 401K, and vacation offerings.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit unsolicited résumés to