Message Passing Interface (MPI) Technology for CPU and GPU Clusters

MPI is essential for achieving faster calculations using multiple computers or even multiple GPU clusters; this leads to greater productivity and a quicker time to market--giving design and EM professionals the competitive edge so vital in today's challenging economy and highly competitive industries.

MPI Technology for CPU Clusters

By employing a cluster of several computer nodes, you can achieve greater memory efficiencies when running XFdtd calculations. 

  • MPI enables parallel computations across distributed systems.
  • By dividing XFdtd simulations across multiple computer nodes, larger problems can be run and faster speeds can be achieved.
  • Even clusters of inexpensive machines can handle problems requiring extremely large quantities of RAM.

MPI + GPU Technology for GPU Clusters

Throughput Plot of MPI + XStream: Click to Enlarge

Many engineers have exhausted the amount of GPU RAM available for use in a single machine but still wish to grow the complexity of their models. Remcom has extended our MPI and XStream’s GPU capabilities to leverage additional GPU cards through clustering, creating a solution with limitless potential.

The capability is universally useful for all of our customers; even with more modest memory requirements, MPI + XStream GPU Acceleration can dramatically cut your simulation times by orders of magnitude. And with XF’s unlimited memory support, simulations of massive problems exceeding billions of cells are now within your reach.

Performance Study: XF's MPI + GPU Technology and Hardware Comparisons

With XFdtd EM Simulation Software, there is no limit to the resources you can exploit to solve your EM calculations. This report quantifies the performance profile of XFdtd’s GPU and MPI technologies. We demonstrate the pros and cons of different combinations of equipment and techniques, including cost considerations for those researching available hardware. Download the free paper.


Please contact Remcom for pricing for an XFdtd license that includes MPI capability. Request a quote now.

Technical Specifications

The MPI module is available for the following platforms:

  • HPMPI on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (and distributions compatible with RHEL5), 64 bit edition
  • OpenMPI on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (and distributions compatible with RHEL5), 64 bit edition
  • Microsoft MPI on Windows 64 bit platforms

For more information on Remcom's MPI options, please use our information request form to request a free trial, live web demonstration, or a quote.